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Strenghtening global trade for stronger recovery


Wednesday, 19.10.2022 – Sunday, 23.10.2022

Jl. BSD Grand Boulevard No.1, Pagedangan, Kec. Pagedangan, Kabupaten Tangerang

Banten 15399


Favourse - Create Events & Experiences Together by Voting & Crowdfunding on the Blockchain
Favourse - Create Events & Experiences Together by Voting & Crowdfunding on the Blockchain


Favourse - Create Events & Experiences Together by Voting & Crowdfunding on the Blockchain
Favourse - Create Events & Experiences Together by Voting & Crowdfunding on the Blockchain


Welcome to the Biggest

Trade Exhibition in Indonesia

Favourse - Create Events & Experiences Together by Voting & Crowdfunding on the Blockchain

The dynamic development of the global market caused a demand for more goods and services worldwide. To meet this growing needs, producers aim to create products with competitive advantages to fulfill market demands and promoted through effective promotional and marketing strategies.

In the year 2021, Indonesia’s export performance has reached a record breaking number, outdoing the highest export performance in 2011. This achievement is a momentum for export growth that needs to be preserved and boosted in the coming years. The effective handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, supported by the national vaccination program, have worked well to curb the number of new cases in Indonesia.

This condition has been an optimistic factor, and the Indonesian Ministry of Trade has brought back Trade Expo Indonesia 2022 in a hybrid format. This hybrid format will widen opportunities exposures for Indonesian exporters to interact and transact with buyers both directly and through the digital medium.

As an annual promotional agenda, Trade Expo Indonesia 2022 will feature exhibitions, business forum, business counseling, and business matching with focus on selected industries such as Manufactured, Fashion and Accessories, Healthcare and Beauty, Medical Equipment, Furniture and Home Decorations, Digital and Services, as well as Food and Beverages. In conjunction with the Indonesian G20 Presidency, this year’s Trade Expo Indonesia’s theme is “Strengthening Global Trade for Stronger

Simon Smaluhn

CEO & Founder
of Favourse

Roberto Capodieci


Gil Petersil

Authentic Partnership Coach & Global expert on Strategic Networking

Sim khela

Web3 Corporate & Policy Consultant

Simone Sani

Decentralized Mindset for Young Indonesian Visionaries

Berwin Tanco

Co-founder and CEO
of Ekta Chain

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Co-founder of SeminarDesk.com, a web-based event management software; co-founded the NGO “Mindfulness & Understanding” (Achtsamkeit und Verständigung e.V., www.AVeV.de)

Decentralization evangelist, university lecturer, and author of books and articles on blockchain, Roberto love affair with computers started when he was a little kid. He sold his first video game at age 10, opened his first consulting firm at 14, later specializing in big data analysis as a law enforcement consultant. He studied decentralized systems and peer to peer networks since the times of the Torrent protocol, and has active experience with blockchain technology since the start of 2013. He pioneered the use of blockchain in Trade Finance in 2014 while being part of the development of the first blockchain platform based on Proof of Stake. After spending several years as consultant and architect of custom decentralized systems, Roberto founded Blockchain Zoo in 2017 providing custom blockchain platforms and architecture of decentralized systems to clients in several different industries. In 2019 Roberto architects and implements a new blockchain decoupled from cryptocurrencies, with unique designs and many industry firsts. Roberto is now cofounder and advisor in several Web3 companies, helping them build functional products and solid relationships with partners across multiple industries.

  • Global Thought Leader on business strategy, effective
    networking and mastermind methodology
  • Co-Founder and Partnership Director at MeetPartners, a
    group of companies that unites educational projects in
    personal and business development
  • International speaker and business strategist who helps companies
    to move to new levels mastering communication management,
    mastermind, networking, case review, and sharing techniques
  • Expert in internal/external communications and corporate
  • Life and business coach and mentor to top managers
  • Visiting professor at multiple global Universities (Skolkovo, National University of Singapore, Synergy Business School)
  • Philanthropist and social activist
  • Best-selling author of “New Code of Networking

We help these key stakeholders by providing education, strategies, execution frameworks, resources, talent and capital to make their ideas real.

The complexity involved in building & executing strategies in this space can be off-putting. We simplify the process by explaining in simple terms how these technologies can be leveraged to create the future of companies and countries.

We work closely with the Indonesian, US, Saudi, Dubai and Bahrain along with 12 other governments to educate about this space as well as build & execute frameworks required to facilitate the innovation of this asset class in their respective jurisdictions.

I have over 10 years of experience in Management Consulting and over 11 years of experience in blockchain development, adoption and investment. Over the years I have advised on and executed strategies that have been utterly transformational for our partners.

I’ve been in the web3 space for 6 months, building communities for multiple GameFi projects. I’m also involved in PURE DAO, Bali Blockchain Community, and a Co-Founder of KITAkolektif.

Berwin specializes in developing companies and ventures to unlock their true value and potential. After a successful career in the US and China, Berwin started Equilibria Capital, a property fund and development company in Indonesia. Ekta is the culmination of his background and the 12 years he has spent in Indonesia.