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CrowdVoting – Use Case

1. Music Fan Engagement: Fans Want Personal Interaction with Music Stars

Issue: Fans Want Personal Interaction with Music Stars

Fans of a famous singer are looking for a closer relationship with their idol. Regular concerts and events seem too impersonal, and fans want a more direct interaction with their favorite star.

Solution: Community Voting to Connect Fans and Stars

A group of devoted fans decides to use Community Voting to lessen the distance between fans and their idol. They start a campaign where fans can suggest and vote for the idea of inviting the star to perform in their city. Every fan gets to share their ideas and choices through the Community Voting platform.

Result: A Special, Fan-Made Concert

Thanks to Community Voting, the proposal to bring the star to a fan’s city gets a lot of support. The artist, seeing this fan-led effort, plans a special concert in the city with the most votes. Fans enjoy a one-of-a-kind concert, creating lasting memories. Community Voting changes how fans interact with their idols, leading to more personalized and fan-focused events.

2. Art Showcase: Making Art Choices with Public Input

Issue: Making Art Choices with Public Input

An art gallery is organizing a show with a variety of art pieces. The challenge is to choose artworks that reflect what the community likes, while also making the exhibit exciting and varied.

Solution: Community Voting for a Collaborative Art Selection

The gallery uses Community Voting to get the public involved in choosing the art. An online platform lets art lovers see and vote on possible pieces for the show. Artists submit their work and talk about their inspiration and creative process.

Result: An Art Show Chosen by the Community

The Community Voting campaign turns into a center for artistic sharing and public involvement. Gallery visitors and online followers vote for their favorite art pieces. This open and shared approach builds a sense of belonging and excitement in the community.

3. Community Event Planning: Deciding on Activities for a Community Festival

Issue: Deciding on Activities for a Community Festival

A local community is organizing a big festival and needs to decide on the activities to include. In the past, a small committee made these decisions, often leading to choices that didn’t cater to the diverse interests of the community. This resulted in lower participation and enthusiasm, as many felt their preferences were overlooked.

Solution: Community Voting for Festival Activities

To address this, the community organizers adopt a “community voting” approach to decide on the festival activities where community members can propose and vote on different activity ideas. This inclusive method ensures that everyone’s voice is heard and contributes to the decision-making process where the most popular ideas among the community members are chosen.

Result: A Festival with Activities Chosen by the Community

The use of community voting leads to a festival lineup that resonates with a larger portion of the community. People feel valued and heard, leading to increased interest and excitement about the festival. The transparent and democratic process of selecting activities builds trust and a sense of ownership among community members. The festival becomes more engaging and enjoyable, reflecting the diverse interests of the community. This new approach to planning not only makes the event more successful but also fosters a stronger sense of community and belonging.




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